Emergency flood response- Flood water removal

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Flood Response

Experts in Emergency Flood Response

We provide a full and comprehensive flood response service for sites that have been damaged by flooding, fire or pollution, including removal of contaminated waters and clean up.

By assessing and identifying risks involved we are able to provide flood response services to meet the needs and requirements of each individual flood. Critical facilities such as gas and electricity are essential to communities and protecting them from flood damage is an extremely high priority for us.

When on flood response we act rapidly and effectively, ensuring that homes and businesses are able to get back to normal quickly. Our tankers and mobile mini-plants have the power, capacity and ability to respond to any size flood and because of this are regularly called upon by the emergency services and local authorities.

  • 24/7 flood response and defence
  • Disposal of floodwater
  • Pumping and tankering of floodwater
  • Flood control and clean up